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Snuggbaby Stork Baby & Toddler Carrier

Snuggbaby Stork Baby & Toddler Carrier

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The Stork has arrived in Singapore!

Whether it's front-carry, back-carry, hip support or just a fabulicious way to keep your hands free, The Stork has everything you need in a soft-pack carrier!

Instructional videos can be found on SNUGGbaby's Youtube channel @  

If you are unsure about how to make babywearing a safe activity both you and baby can enjoy, please refer here:


Available in ONE per design to ensure each product stays unique! Be a rare owner of The Stork!

More about The Stork:

Formerly known as the SNUGG Soft-structured Carrier, this adaptation of the SNUGG Mei Tai (SNUGG MT) is a two-shouldered baby carrier inspired by the traditional Asian-style baby carriers. After making and selling hundreds of SNUGG Mei Tai's, SNUGGbaby developed The Stork based on customers' feedback and multiple testings.

Compared to the very basic carrier which is the SNUGG Mei Tai, The Stork has a very prominent build, made up of different types of structural material that give plenty of weight support and added comfort when carrying a baby/toddler. 

The Stork can also be worn at the hip as a support when side-carrying your child. With a bit of practice, mothers can also nurse while carrying their babies in The Stork.

This carrier can be used for front carry and back carry (like a backpack), and suitable from newborn, well into toddlerhood.

Maximum weight tested up to 17kg, although this also depends on your build and comfort-level.

About the founder:

Liza Yaakup , a mother of two, founded SNUGGbaby in September 2008 after struggling to find a baby carrier that was sturdy, versatile, weather-friendly and most of all, comfortable. When all her attempts to purchase the perfect carrier failed, Liza decided to make her own. From what was originally a simple Mei Tai, Liza has spent the last four years developing and perfecting her design into what is today The Stork.

With the support of her husband, Liza continues to lovingly cut, sew, and package each individual Stork, all the while still managing to care for 2 young children under 5 years of age. Although she is now taking on hired help to cope with the ever-growing demand for The Stork, SNUGGbaby customers can be assured that each SNUGGbaby product they buy has been made and handled with the utmost personal care and attention.  

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