Simplicity Hands Free Pumping Bra Kit

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Simplicity is a Hands Free Bra kit that holds a mother’s breast pump shields and leaves her hands completely free.

The concept of the Simplicity is quite different to any other hands-free pumping bras available. The old-fashioned bras tend to be in corset style that moms have to take on and off and even struggle to find the right size for. These types of bra also restrict moms from performing hand massage while pumping.

Simplicity is a fresh design that allows moms to pump and keeps her hands free to:

  • Multi-task, such as work on your computer, use your phone, cook, or do any other tasks while pumping.
  • Massage your breasts and optimise milk expression.

Most moms report expressing 2 oz more breast-milk and save 5 minutes per pumping session using this technique with the Simplicity Hands-Free Bra Kit.



  • Promotes complete breast emptying: It frees your hands for massaging, compressing and expressing milk.
  • Saves time: Allows you to do other things while pumping.
  • Affordable: Less than 1/3 price of most others hands-free kits!
  • Compact: Fits in your bags or even pockets easily.
  • Simple and Quick: Takes seconds to wear and remove.
  • Adjustable: Works with all breast pumps and nursing bras due to adjustable and stretchable waist and neck straps.
  • Comfortable: So light that it puts no pressure on the breasts (as opposed to sports bras or pumping bustiers).
  • Stays in place: Equipped with alligator and spring clips that ensures the bra stays in place and you never lose suction during pumping.
  • Universal: No need to figure out the right size – one size fits all!
  • Comes in over 12 colours.

Customer Testimonial

"Thanks for including the Simplicity hands free kit! I started off with Pumping Pal and thought it was good, but took me quite a while to set it up every time. The Simplicity Hands-Free Bra Kit is easier to set up and more stable too! I used Super Shields as well. I personally feel that the Super Shields helped to reduce wastage as I'm using Spectra and milk gets wasted on the flanges, especially when I remove them. My personal preference will be Simplicity (used together with Super Shields)!" - Qingyu


    What’s included in the kit:

    • 1 neck strap with adjustable knob
    • 1 waist strap with one alligator clip
    • How-to-use brochure



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