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Hygeia Enjoye Breastpump

Hygeia Enjoye LBI (No warranty)

$499.00 $799.00

Hygeia Enjoye Breastpump is a FDA-approved multi-user dual electric breastpump that provides proven performance and features robust construction found in hospitals. It is designed for long-term and frequent pumping needs such as working mothers.
Great Features:
  • FDA Cleared 
Engineered and designed for multiple users when each mother has their own personal accessory set. It has been reviewed and registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as multi-user pump.
  • Long Warranty
Each motor comes with 2 years (with effect from 27 September 2012) limited warranty by Mumsfairy Pte Ltd. Most personal-use breastpumps on the marketplace provide up to 1 year of limited warranty, hence investing in Hygeia breastpump is a particularly good option when you're planning to have more children or to share your pump with friends / family members / colleagues who have their own personal accessory sets.
  • Efficient & Silent 
- Proven performance with robust construction, engineered to last
- Quiet sound of piston which acts as white noise, soothing baby to sleep
- Fully adjustable suction and cycle level to mimic baby’s unique suckling patterns
  • Easy To Use
Only 3 parts to assemble and clean (valve, flange and bottle)…easy peasy!
  • Ecologically Sound 
Specifically designed for sharing between mothers when each has her own personal accessory set, avoiding the fate of many personal breastpumps that are just designed for one mother and are then tossed into the trash. Increasingly people all over the world realize that reuse of items is more environmentally friendly and the Green way to go.
  • Safe
All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA-free and DEHP-free.
  • Hygienic
Designed for reuse between mothers when each has their own personal accessory set. Hygeia breastpumps feature proprietary filtration security, a unique bacteria/virus filter which is designed to block bacteria, viruses and fluid from entering the pump or causing cross contamination. All the parts that touch a mother or her milk are part of her personal accessory set.
  • Unique C.A.R.E Buttons
C.A.R.E stands for Customized Audio Recording Experience. You can record and playback your baby or other sound to stimulate let-downs (oxytocin reflex) and enhance your breast-pumping experience.
  • Portable & Convenient
- Compact and portable motor with a carry-handle
- Internal rechargeable battery makes it so easy for mothers to pump on the go! Save the hassle of bringing along heavy transformer (adaptor) or constantly replacing expensive external batteries which end up in landfills, harming the environment. A full charge lasts up to 4 hours of pumping.
- At the end of the pumping session, bottle holder flips up to cradle the flange and keeps the bottle from falling over.
  • Flexible
Offers single and double pumping
Can pump directly into universal narrow neck and wide neck bottles, as well as Hygeia breastmilk bags!
Many Hygeia parts can be used on Medela breastpumps, and vice versa. This minimizes wastage.
  • Great Value
Durable parts. Save the cost of having to frequently purchase new parts. Many inexperienced mums often do not realize it when their pump parts are defective, hence affecting suction, and consequently their milk supply.
Hygeia users who no longer need the pumps can ethically resell them to other mothers. Since Hygeia breastpump is meant for reuse, 2-years limited warranty is valid even if the pump motor changes ownership (just make sure official receipt is passed on to the next user).
  • WHO (World Health Organisation) Code Compliant
Hygeia adheres to the most stringent guidelines in the industry.


Each set consists of:
1) Enjoye-LBI breastpump
2) 3 Pin Power Adaptor
3) Personal accessory set (flanges, tubings, mother's milk storage containers 4oz etc)
4) Mother's Milk storage cooler bag with ice pack
5) Chic breastpump/diaper tote bag with matching changing mat and waterproof bag

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