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Snappies Flip-Top Breastmilk Containers

Snappies Breastmilk Air-Tight Container

$21.00 $25.00

Collect, store and feed using a single Innovative breastmilk container! Reasons why lactation consultants and mums love Snappies:

Aseptic and Ready to Use: Manufactured with an aseptic interior.
Minimize Contamination: The flip-top is conveniently hinged to the 
container so it will never be lost or dropped and can be easily opened and 
closed with one hand. 
Convenient: The lid locks back out of the way while in use and closes with 
an audible “snap” to indicate an airtight, leak-resistant seal. 
Direct connection: Compatible with Ameda®, Medela® and most other 
standard ring-sized pumps.

Leak Proof: Our patented triple-seal design provides an airtight and leak-resistant seal for maximum shelf life in a refrigerator or freezer

Easy Identification: Record the mother's name, date and collection time to eliminate any potential identification problems.

Ideal Material: Food-grade polypropylene will not bind or hold milk fat during storage. Does not contain Bisphenol A, PVC or DEHP.

Stable: Large base keeps Snappies stable container while in use or when stored on a shelf in refrigerator or freezer.

No transfer: The baby can be fed from the same container by mothers 
and other caregivers.
Convenience Sizes: 1oz. (35mL) is ideal for colostrum collection. 
2.3 oz. (70mL) size is ideal for NICU and young babies.
Dual Graduations: Accurate, easy-to-read graduations in both oz. and mL.
Disposable and Recyclable: Making the world better for the 
next generation.

1oz/ 30ml Snappies

  • Ideal for colostrum collection – minimize loss of ‘Precious Gold’
  • Can attach directly to breastpump or can hand express into
  • Appropriately sized to store mother’s milk as her supply increases to meet baby’s needs
  • Requires less space for storage
  • Ideal size for feeding, minimizing waste
  • Nursing staff can easily recognize the smaller containers and use them first

2.3oz/ 70ml Snappies

  • Ideal when Mother’s milk supply is fuller
  • Ideal quantity for NICU baby feeds – no waste of precious breastmilk
The aseptic, all-in-one solution to simplify the collection, storage and 
feeding of expressed breast milk. Eliminates the need to transfer 
precious breast milk between containers and thus lowers the chance 
of contamination and risk of infection.


Snappies are BPA free, disposable and recyclable.
All Snappies products are proudly made in the USA


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