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Ardo Calypso Double Plus + Amaryll Kombikit

Ardo Calypso Double Plus + Amaryll Kombikit

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  • Gentle Double Electric Breastpump for personal use 
  • Optimal Individuality, vacuum strength and cycle rhythm can be individually adjusted at anytime, up to 64 combination modes 
  • "VacuuSeal" technology prevents milk contamination
  • Various size of breast shell suitable for any kind of breastfeeding condition. E.g.: 26mm, 28mm and 31mm.
  • "OptiFlow" Massage Insert encourages milk flow 
  • Bispenol A (BPA Free)
  • Clear LED display shows setting data and breastfeeding status 
  • Compact design and the reduced sound level of the working unit allow discreet expression
  • Either electric-powered or battery-powered unit 

The ARDO Calypso Double Plus Electric Breastpump is a powerful yet quiet gentle pump offering individual flexibility in order to meet mothers’ requirements. The Calypso breastpump features 64 combinations of settings for the adjustment of speed and suction, meeting each mother’s personal needs and allowing very sensitive adjustments during stimulation and pumping/expression mode.  The pumping time is reduced by 50%, the milk production is increased and the milk ejection reflex accelerated. 

The Calypso offers complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, thanks to its ‘Vacuum Seal’ technology offering maximum safety and hygiene. The MicroSens electronics ensure accuracy, and clearly show the settings on the clear LED display.

All ARDO breastfeeding products are manufactured in Switzerland from materials that are free from Bisphenol A. 

The upgrade set is manufactured from premium-quality Bisphenol-A free materials and comes complete with 3 different breast shell sizes (26, 28 & 31mm) and also includes the 26mm Optiflow breast massage insert. For ease of use it has a clip-on bottle holder which ensures easy storage of the pumpsets when required.

Package contains:

Calypso Breastpump

Breastpump, Pumpset, Breast Shells 26mm and 31mm, Breast Shell insert 28mm, Optiflow 26mm, brush for cleaning, Bottle Stand, mains adapter and instruction manual.   

Upgrade set

Pumpset with Breast Shells 26mm and 31mm, Breast Shell insert 28mm, Optiflow 26mm, bottle holder.





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