"I came to know of Valerie while i was trying to breastfeed my first born. Being a first time mum, the learning curve was steep and i had many bad experiences with various lactation consultants. We introduced the bottle too early and none of the LCs we met managed to get my child back to the breasts. We only met Valerie when he was 4 months old and it may be too late to make a switch from bottle to breasts, especially knowing my son's personality. I was having a lot of mum guilt not being able to latch and had to be strapped to pumps to provide breastmilk for my child. It was Valerie who assured me that i could even cut down the pumping sessions as long as i can meet the total daily yield required. I did not have to stress myself to pump every 3 hourly. It was difficult being an EP mum but somehow i held on till 13 months until i got pregnant with my #2.

With my #2, i was very determined to breastfeed and got Valerie in on day 2 when i was discharged from the hospital as i still could not latch well even after seeing the hospital LC. She taught a very simple and easy to grasp technique to latch and i breastfeed all the way till she self weaned the breasts at 22 months.

With #3, I thought that everything will be a breeze as I successfully breastfed my #2. However, I ended up with sore and cracked nipples just after 10 hours of breastfeeding in the hospital. Desperate, i got Valerie in again. She picked up my son has tongue tie, something the hospital LC missed out, and revised the latching technique again. This time round, it was very difficult for me to grasp and breastfeeding was very tough, partly also because my nipples were very sore already and the phobia is there. Valerie very patiently answered all my queries and taught me all over again, and made sure i was confident enough to do the latch on my own. She's by far the best LC I've met and i have been recommending her to all my friends! Good job Valerie and keep up the good work!"  - Vicky


"Thanks Valerie! I've met my target of breastfeeding for 6months. Just wanted to thank you for showing your patience back then when I called you for help. Thinking back, it's so tough. Thankfully, there's a support group on breastfeeding and I persevere on. At the same time, you've provided advice and help when I'm faced with struggles at the start. Now Aden is growing well with enough supply of 🍼. I'm glad I've made the right choice to go ahead to join Mumsfairy workshop on breastfeeding tips. Hope this workshop continue to help all new mothers on breastfeeding.  Thank you!✌🏻💪🏻🎉" - Denise Low

"When I was pregnant, I tried to equip myself with loads of pregnancy and breastfeeding knowledge. I got a chance to attend breastfeeding workshop by Mumsfairy. It was one of the right choice I made. The 6-hrs course provide the fundamental of breastfeeding both theory and practical hands on experience. It is very useful for me as a first time mummy. Before I have baby, I have never imagined breastfeeding to be this tough and challenging. Thanks to Mumsfairy for being beside us and always very helpful in answering our breastfeeding questions despite their busy schedules. I have been able to continue this breastfeeding journey until now (8 months) is because i have the right information and the competent guru to coach me. I would recommend all the new mummies who intend to breastfeed to attend their class. Do not think breastfeeding is easy until you actually experience it!" - Sasawan Jarasjaruwan

"I was pregnant with my first baby in 2013 and even though I'm a first-time mommy, I've already heard a lot about the huge benefits that breastfeeding can bring to both mommy and baby. My friend recommended me to attend Mumsfairy breastfeeding workshop as she has attended it herself and found it very beneficial. So I signed up for the class to learn more about breastfeeding.

I had actually attended a hospital's parentcraft class but felt that I wanted to gain more in-depth knowledge on breastfeeding. It turned out to be a good move, as my breastfeeding journey is still going strong at almost 18 months now! This would not have been possible if I didn't possess the theories and skills before I embark on my breastfeeding journey! And not forgetting to mention, the constant encouragement and support from Mumsfairy as well as from husband, I was able to breastfeed beyond my initial goal of 1 year. 

I found the techinques taught during the course very useful and essential for every breastfeeding mom. And not forgetting all the theories shared that proved helpful especially during the early days of being a new breastfeeding mom. I learn the proper ways of storing and handling breast milk and how to tell if baby is latching correctly.
To new mommies and mommies who are looking to breastfeed their babies, successful breastfeeding = knowledge + support * determination! Thank you Mumsfairy for making mine a successful one!" - Shevonne Seah

“My colleague who attended Mumsfairy workshop highly recommended me to attend. She said it helped her a lot. The parentcraft class i attended did not make me feel confident enough of breastfeeding. I appreciated the skills taught by Juliet and Valerie. The nurses who took care of me after i gave birth commented how knowledgeable and confident i was in feeding my newborn.

Attending Mumsfairy workshop has been a great help. I'm so glad i attained breastfeeding knowledge the RIGHT way because this is something that will follow me for many babies to come (haha). The class's so beneficial that my girlfriend, who was expecting when she visited me at the hospital, was inspired by how confident i was when nursing my newborn. i strongly encouraged her to sign up for Mumsfairy workshop too.

My baby is 5 months old now. My initial plan was to breastfeed him for 6 months but recently, I've been starting to feel that i'm going to miss him latching on me so i might drag it out.

My words of encouragement to fellow new expectant mums: (Not related to breastfeeding, is it ok?) Be it morning sickness, fatigue, lugging that heavy belly about or the scary and painful labour process, just tell yourself, 'It's only temporary!'

My husband and I chanted this throughout my labour and it really helped!" - Betty Chen 


"I joined Mumsfairy workshop to have a better knowledge on how to breastfeed. I felt it's important to learn the skills from a professional LC in order to have a good start in my breastfeeding journey. I did attend my hospital Parentcraft class but found its breastfeeding component not as informative. I gained a lot from Mumsfairy workshop, love the useful skills and a booklet for us to bring home for future reference!

Just as I hoped, the decision to attend this workshop indeed enabled me to have a proper head start in my breastfeeding journey. It has also helped to make me stand strong and firm in my decision to let my boy be total breastfed despite surrounding people asking me to wean off and introduce FM after he turned 1. Godric is now 2 years old. I have been breastfeeding since he's born until now and still continuing until he self weans.

I am very grateful to Juliet and Valerie for creating such a class. I often rave about how much their workshop has been super beneficial to my breastfeeding journey. My friends who went for the workshop have very good feedback and review too! My Mumsfairy trainer and the best lactation consultant I know so far, is super willing to offer help and still keep in touch. She's with me throughout my entire breastfeeding journey. Our continued friendship allows me to learn even more. Sometimes I feel inspired to become a lactation consultant too, LOL!

My words of encouragement to fellow new mums: Once you've set your mind to breastfeed, don't falter, be affected by other's words or even have any doubts in your ability to do so.” - Kathryn Teo


I attended the Breastfeeding workshop by Mumsfairy in 2013 when I was pregnant with my first child. My husband and I read about the benefits of breastfeeding so I knew that I wanted to try to breastfeed my baby. We chose to attend the breastfeeding workshop because we wanted to equip ourselves with knowledge about breastfeeding before the birth of our baby.

What came as a surprise was besides being very informational, I actually had a lot of fun attending the workshop, something that neither husband nor I had expected. One thing that I really liked about the workshop was the information shared during the workshop were factual and backed with actual statistics, this helped convince me even further about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to manage and continue breastfeeding my child after I go back to work.

Even then my breastfeeding journey started off on a rocky start because LO#1 was jaundiced and didn’t feed well. The wealth of information gained from the workshop as well as the support of LCs from Mumsfairy helped in giving me the confidence and strength to persevere on during those first few weeks of breastfeeding my daughters. My LO#1 is 2 years old now and I am very proud that she was fully breastfed until she was 14 months old, LO#2 is 3 months old now and is fully breastfed as well. This would not have been the case had I not attended the workshop and had the support of my LC (and of course the support from my husband and family)

My words of encouragement to new mums: Breastmilk is the best start you can give to your child and they are only going to be young once, equip yourself with enough knowledge and persevere on." - Melissa Kuan

Left to right: Nicole Ng, Juliet Chan (IBCLC trainer), Tabitha Lee & Ivy Chan

"For my first pregnancy, I only attended the hospital parentcraft class. This time round, I decided to sign up for Mumsfairy workshop as I wanted to focus more on breastfeeding only. I hope to be able to latch my 2nd born successfully. I enjoyed the hands-on "boobs" sessions & sharing of experiences. It's interesting to learn about transitional supplementation feeding method to help with latching. After the workshop, I feel more positive especially with the support of my LC trainer. I hope to breastfeed for 6 months to 1 year. 

My advice or words of encouragement to fellow new expectant mums: Breastfeeding is not an easy route to take (lack of sleep & subjected to many bystanders’ opinions). But it is rewarding to know that our baby is being protected by our antibodies.” - Nicole Ng

“I signed up for Mumsfairy workshop as I wanted to be more prepared in my breastfeeding journey. I attended the hospital parentcraft class but the breastfeeding component was touch-and-go.

I love Mumsfairy workshop for its slower pace, smaller class ratio and techniques taught whereby the helpful trainer was able to guide us and patiently clarify our doubts and questions. I learnt important skills that I wasn't even aware of before the workshop! The class prepared me better for the journey ahead and I kind of know what to expect. The notes and practical tips will be useful to help me in my journey.

I aim to breastfeed for at least 6 months to 1 year. :) My words of encouragement to fellow new expectant mums: Keep a positive mindset and don't give up." - Tabitha Lee

"I attended Mumsfairy class 5 years ago and it helped me to breastfeed successfully for over 2 years. During difficult times when I faced a drop in supply, Mumsfairy gave me lots of encouragement and support. Previously I attended my hospital Parentcraft class too, but I learnt the most about breastfeeding from Mumsfairy. So this time round I felt Mumsfairy workshop is the only class I need to refresh myself for my second pregnancy.

I like the practical tips and techniques the most. I feel more prepared. Teaching is also very comprehensive. During the workshop, I realised how beneficial vernix is, and plan to keep it on my baby as long as the nurses are able to. Mumsfairy workshop empowers us with a lot of information that are easy to understand. It certainly helps a lot, that's why my first breastfeeding experience was pretty successful. I chose to switch to exclusive pumping after 5 months, and my boy drank expressed breastmilk without the need for formula until I returned to full-time work when he was 17 months old.

My words of encouragement to fellow new mums: Keep latching n pumping, it pays off." - Ivy Chan


"When I knew I was pregnant, I hoped very much to breastfeed my baby till at least 1 year old, because to me, calf drinks cow milk and baby drinks breastmilk...it's as simple as that.

And the worst is, baby is not really feeding on real cow milk, she is feeding on processed milk which is no different with those fake crabmeat etc. Yet I had no knowledge in production, collection and management of the milk.

Thanks God, I saw a booth promoting lactation workshop during a carnival and it got me excited. Determined to attend, I went through a lot of hassles due to my work schedules and fortunately, Juliet accommodated my request and was super helpful in ensuring I got the training.

I attended hospital Parentcraft class but was less comprehensive compared to Mumsfairy workshop. It was eyeopening and I benefitted greatly from learning to massage breasts to stimulate milk flow. The workshop unravelled the mystery behind getting a good latch and soothed my fears. It provided step by step guidance and hands-on practice. So easy yet so effective. It really helps in bonding with my baby and lightening my load of bottle feeding

Seriously, joining Mumsfairy lactation workshop is one of the best decisions I had made during the course of parenthood because if not for Valerie and Juliet, my baby might have starved to death due to my blocked ducts and engorgement when breastmilk is not readily available for my baby and my stubbornness in not feeding her with formula.

Baby Hana is currently going to be 6 months. I have been breastfeeding her exclusively since her birth. My advice or words of encouragement to fellow new expectant mums: Determination, perseverance and love for your baby will keep u going in this breastfeeding journey. The reward is tremendous, be it a smile or cry." - Evonne Wong




"Best investment I ever made. Being able to breastfeed my baby for a year (and counting!), is not something that I could put a price tag to. The one-day session helpfully summarised what a new mother could expect. My group was very interactive and the exchange of tips/fears helped eased my fear of the unknown. For me, the best takeaways were the hands-on practices and the Q&A segment. Throughout the first month of breastfeeding, Valerie was very responsive and encouraging, and her replies via WhatsApp were always prompt and helpful. However exhausting the breastfeeding sessions are (initially), this is an experience that is very intimate between mother and child. Forget about buying cute outfits which your baby will quickly outgrow. A session with Valerie's team will greatly benefit mom and child." - Chia Pin Ping 




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