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Lactation Home Visit

Home-Based Post-Natal Breastfeeding Support and Consultation

Why do I need to see an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)?

Breastfeeding is the most precious gift you can give your baby. No woman is born knowing how to breastfeed. It is also not a reflex that you can develop. Breastfeeding is a learned skill.

While many mothers and babies breastfeed without difficulty, many require help, especially in the early weeks. It is important to have a good start as an improper latch, misconceptions or incorrect routine may cause insufficient supply, baby failing to thrive, pain and even becoming fearful to latch. 

An IBCLC (Who are IBCLCs?) supports mothers in the following ways:

In the early days
  • You will learn how to get a deep latch with step-by-step guidance. 
  • Managing pain and engorged breast.
  • Observing what is a good latch.
  • How to tell if baby has enough.
  • Hand expressing and breast massage techniques to improve on milk removal.
  • Latching with inverted/ short nipples without the use of nipple shields.
  • Helping you into a comfortable breastfeeding position.
In the later days
  • Preventing and managing common issues like blocked ducts, mastitis, milk blister, pain etc
  • Increasing and maintaining supply
  • Handling milk and storage guidelines
  • Effective pumping techniques 
  • Strategies for breastfeeding after returning to work

Before you raise the white flag, speak to a lactation consultant on how you can improve on breastfeeding and gain confidence. Call or SMS to 81575780 for an appointment.

"I had an issue with pumping at the beginning, could not yield much and was worried my LO was not having enough during latching. Called Valerie for a home visit and she helped to find comfortable nursing positions in my very own home. That was very helpful since my LO was latching every 1.5 - 2 hrs at the beginning for at least 30mins each. Valerie also provided tips on how and when to pump and yield more. I was then able to build up a good stash of FBM. The home visit was extremely helpful for a 1st-time mummy like me!" - Jacqueline
"I was feeling dejected when baby started to refuse my breast. Valerie was able to pinpoint the potential issue and I have seen improvement in the situation. She also suggested various positions and tips to make breastfeeding comfortable. Valerie is very willing to share her knowledge and answer all my questions. The session with Valerie was immensely helpful. I now feel more encouraged to continue breastfeeding my little one. :)" - Cheryl (Baby Asher) 

"My session with Valerie was helpful. It really builds my confidence. With her advice, I know what to do and what to look out for. It really helps me as a first-time mother." - Joyce

"Hi Valerie, I am more confident with breastfeeding now and my baby is less fussy at the breast, probably due to a better latch. Although my family still thinks he is hungry whenever he cries, but I think I am getting better at his hunger cues (eg when he refuses to latch, it may not be that he is fussy - may just mean he doesn't want milk)" - Xin Hui

"Hi Valerie, Just wanna say a big thank you to you! I am really very happy that my baby is latching on me. Really thank you so much for your help!" - Mei Keng

"Consulted Valerie for a home visit and did not regret my decision. The session was very useful in easing my breastfeeding journey. Valerie is a great teacher and provided excellent advice and tips. With her guidance, I have gained confidence to start breastfeeding again. Thank you Valerie for your patience!" - Farah (Baby Ariana)

"I called on Valerie when I was a couple of days into motherhood. Like most moms I was having teething troubles. My baby was cranky, latch was an issue, there was this constant worry and doubt of whether I have good milk supply or not and engorgement kicked in as well. Valerie came in and very patiently taught us different techniques to latch the baby and to ease the pain while feeding. Her encouragement and support made the overwhelming experience of breastfeeding much smoother. Can't thank you enough, Valerie!" From a first time Mother - Mihika