Breast Management For Fungal Infection

Candidiasis is likely if you have persistently sore nipples. Candida thrives in the warm, moist areas of the infant’s mouth and on the nipples. Use of antibiotics promotes its overgrowth. Blister may resolve on its own while nursing.
xtremely sore nipples, burning, itching, shooting, or stabbing nipple pain that radiates to the chest wall. Usually after a period of painless breastfeeding. The baby may have white patches in mouth and/ or diaper rash, with raised, red, sore-looking buttocks. Baby may be fussy and refusing the breast.
Tips if you are suffering from fungal infection:
  • If pacifiers or artificial teats/nipples are used they should be boiled daily and replaced frequently.
  • Trim baby's finger nails and wash toys in hot, soapy water.
  • Wash bras and cloth nursing pads daily and dry in direct sunlight.
  • Rinse nipples in a weak bicarbonate of soda solution creating an alkaline environment.
  • Eliminate simple sugars and yeasts from diet and consume probiotics.
  • Any milk that was pumped during a fungal infection outbreak can be used during treatment, but not stored for later use.


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