Tips To Boost Milk Supply

1. Nurse frequently and long enough
Breastfeed at least 8 times per day for approximately 20-30 minutes

2. Ensure baby is positioned and latched on well
Poor positioning and a shallow latch-on can reduce the amount of milk baby gets, and affect supply in the long run.  

3. Try breast compression
Once baby is latched on well, breast compression helps the milk flow more quickly to keep baby interested in feeding actively for longer.

4. Express milk after feedings
Recent research indicates that after the first month emptying the breast more completely appears to be more effective at increasing the rate of milk production than breastfeeding or expressing milk more often (Daly 1996)

5. Consider galactogogues or milk-makers
Although controlled studies are not yet available, many mothers find that taking certain herbs in recommended doses gives their milk supply a boost (Newman and Pitman, pp. 84-85; Huggins 1998). Capsules are recommended as it is easier to control the dosage and results will be more consistent.

6. Invest in a good quality dual electric breastpump
“Although an automatic double pump may cost more initially…over the long term it may prove to be less costly. If a mother uses a less effective pump that does not keep up with her milk supply, the cost of formula can easily exceed the cost of a good quality pump” (extracted from LLLI The Breastfeeding Answer Book). Double-pumping cuts pumping time in half and avoids milk loss from leakage from the other breasts.

7. Be comfortable and relaxed while pumping
No pumping mums should suffer from hunching forward and holding onto bottles. Use Supershields so that you can recline comfortably and enjoy its many healthful benefits. Fuss-free Original Handsfree Strap allows you to multi-task (eat-sleep-read-surf).

 8. Take good care of yourself
Fatigue and stress can interfere with your let-down. Hence it is important to eat and rest well. Take advantage of all offers of help. 



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