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Breastfeeding Manners

biting breastfeeding manners

Teething can make a baby's gums swollen and sore and baby may nurse differently or even bite.

A baby cannot bite while he is actively nursing. You can prevent or anticipate biting by doing the following:
1) Giving your complete attention with eye contact, touching and talking.
2) Learn to recognize the end of a nursing since most biting occurs once baby loses interest.
3) Breast compress to encourage flow to prevent an impatient baby from biting

Create a pleasant and comfortable breastfeeding experience for you and baby by teaching good breastfeeding manners!

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Breastfeeding Benefits Mothers Too!

benefits breastfeeding

  1. Protects mothers from postpartum hemorrhage
  2. Facilitates faster weight loss to pre-pregnancy size
  3. Reduces risk of breast, ovarian, uterine and endometrial cancers
  4. Decreases chances of osteoporosis and anaemia
  5. Relaxes and promotes bonding with baby
  6. Substantial cost savings for the family
  7. Sense of pride for giving the MOST precious gift to your baby

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8 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Benefits Your Baby

benefits breastfeeding


  1. is the only PERFECT food, constantly changing to meet baby’s developing needs
  2. does NOT contain genetically engineered materials or synthetic growth hormones
  3. is easy to digest and the essential proteins are more readily absorbed
  4. contains immune factors that protect against infections and diseases
  5. contains a more complex protein leptin that helps to decrease risk of obesity and allergies
  6. enhances brain and cognitive development, resulting in higher IQ
  7. facilitates proper dental and jaw development
  8. promotes baby’s emotional well-being

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Recommended Guidelines By World Health Organisation & Singapore’s Health Promotion Board


The World Health Organization (WHO) and Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) recommend that babies should be *exclusively breastfed for a minimum of 6 months, and thereafter for 2 years and beyond with complementary foods. The baby’s brain is developing most rapidly during the first 2 years. Up to 80% of their cognitive development happens during this crucial period. Breastfeeding provides the optimal composition of nutrients for this development.

*Baby only receives breastmilk without additional food or drink, not even water.

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Are You Worrying Unnecessarily?

breastfeeding frequency breastmilk leaking let down milk supply


False Alarm 1: Baby seems hungry again soon after I breastfed him.
Reason: Human milk digests more easily than formula and places less strain on baby’s immature digestive system, so breastfed baby needs to be fed more frequently than formula-fed baby.

False Alarm 2: Baby nurses very often.
Reason: Many babies have a strong need to suck or a need for frequent contact with their mothers. If a baby is nursing well, frequent nursing means baby is getting enough – not that there is lack of milk.

False Alarm 3: Baby takes a bottle after nursing.
Reason: Many babies will suck...

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